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D. Luis I – João Ribeiro Cristino da Silva

João Ribeiro Cristino da Silva (1858 - 1948) was a Portuguese painter and teacher. He was the son of painter João Cristino da Silva (1829 - 1877) and father of architect Luís Cristino da Silva (1896-1976). He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Lisbon) between 1870 and 1878.


His professional life was mostly his artistic expression: as a draftsman and wood engraver, he collaborated in newspapers and magazines (for example Diário Ilustrado, Ocidente, Arte, António Mariaa newspaper of political humor, edited and directed by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro); as a painter, in 1881, he held his first exhibition, and later also exhibited at the Artistic Guild and the National Society of Fine Arts. In 1888, he was appointed professor of industrial design at the Domingos de Sequeira Industrial Design School in Leiria, becoming director in 1890. Five years later, he returned to Lisbon as professor, but eventually left for Brazil, where he also served as director. He was part of the "Grupo do Leão," a group of artists who dissented from the Sociedade Promotora de Belas Artes, which sought to renew art in Portugal, with nature as a model and starting point. He was at the genesis of what would become the National Society of Fine Arts. He was the author of texts on Art, such as Estética Citadinaa series published in the "Diário de noticias" from 1911 to 1914, and the Elements of Art History (work in exhibition). He was decorated by King Carlos with the rank of Knight of the Order of Santiago for his work on the tombs of kings Afonso V, João II and Prince Afonso.


João Ribeiro Cristino da Silva

D. Luis I

19th Century

Oil on Canvas
Oil on Canvas

225×135 cm

Great Condition

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