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"The trust of our customers is the most important thing for us."

Born in 1910 from a family business,

White Shark Investments, supported by strong partnerships, has as its main mission to acquire and sell in the art market paintings, sculptures, antiques, metals and precious stones, promoting the buying and selling of works of art, thus establishing a direct relationship with the market.

Our premise is excellence in service. As such, the works and pieces we promote, of legal provenance and recognized value, guarantee our customers the best deals in the art market.

White Shark Investments, also provides consulting services in the restoration of works of art, antiques and sacred art, ensuring the good state of conservation of the same and promoting the craft of artisan, for the conservation and restoration of historical and artistic heritage.

Social Responsibility

White Shark Investments acts responsibly with the community's well-being. It is a social commitment that we assume without expecting any return, supporting and developing numerous initiatives to promote culture, education, environment and to combat social disadvantage.

White Shark Investments

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"Any growing wealth, particularly at the top of society, that is based on investments in art, enhances the long-term trend toward art appreciation, making the market definitely upward.”