White Shark Investments Flight-in-the-Butterfly-of-your-cliff-Awarded-collection-Nr-XII-master-sonia-domingues-White-Shark-Investments Voo na Borboleta da tua Falésia XII


Artistic Story:

Dream, Beautiful Dream
I flew in the Flight of the Butterfly of your Cliff …
Dream, Beautiful Dream
Lion, why do you cry king of the Jungle?
You repent of how voraciously you lacerate your prey?
You will never again crave for someone as food …
for “thou shalt eat straw as the bull
and the weaned child will put her hand over on the adder’s den
Your reign…will be of Love for Humanity!
What a thrill…
Never your mane had been so silky,
before of the affection of a Princess …
Were it not the fulfillment of the promise,
never coexisted together…
Power…Transformer of Love…
it will come to the ends of the earth…
and you…Sweet Butterfly, without goodbyes,
because, forever you will exist…
At night, Stars will descend …
for over all, shed their brightness,
because “there will be Peace until there is no more Moon”
I will look and I will see no more wickedness
Please do not wake me up of the Dream,
until it becomes Reality …!

Sacred Writings – Isaiah 11:7,8 & Psalms 72:7

  • Artista | Artist

    Master Sónia Domingues

  • Técnicas | Techniques

    • Mixed Media on Canvas
    • 109 x 109 cm
    • 2018