Artistic Story:

Wow…what’s that?
Descended to this Sea the Brightness of Galaxies?

My Butterfly
My Butterfly reflected,
you, that throughout this trip,
you, were my safe boat…

With your gentle essence,
and your courageous vulnerability,
I saw the sensitivity and strength,
I felt the the power of Love in all the God’s Creations
I understood that the Love can paint…
our Life with the most Bright Colors…
and with it I can sculpt’ my best version…

My Sweet Butterfly
before you say good-bye
can you show me the last beauty view?
Exist any Divine Promise, that I would be glad to know ?

  • Artista | Artist


  • Técnicas | Techniques

    • Mixed Media on Canvas
    • 109 x 109 cm
    • 2018
White Shark Investments Flight-in-the-Butterfly-of-your-cliff-Awarded-collection-Nr-XI-master-sonia-domingues-White-Shark-Investments-bcr Voo na Borboleta da tua Falésia XI