White Shark Investments Flight-in-the-Butterfly-of-your-cliff-Awarded-collection-Nr-X-master-sonia-domingues-White-Shark-Investments Voo na Borboleta da tua Falésia X


Artistic Story:

Far-off Horizon of Coral with double honey,
as with a seismic activity log…
that’s how it got ready the Dusk/Twilight.

The reflected shadow is more vivid
than the representation of reality.
As the lunar side in each being,
that it wishes to reflect, and be in yourself,
the Solar Being that in all inhabits also…

My eyes feel bioluminescence …
which in the Lake made flourish…lilies? 
New Phytoplankton … the Flower of Love …

As will be the Sea,
stirred storm or serene romantic?

  • Artista | Artist

    Master Sónia Domingues

  • Técnicas | Techniques

    • Mixed Media on Canvas
    • 109 x 109 cm
    • 2018