Artistic Story:

Cave Algar of Benagil?
See it…The grotto was colonized by Love.
The rocks blushed of Love for the Sea,
The Sea kisses the coraline sand
and feels like a adorned girl…
that sees it/herself in the future, to crystallize in coraline glasses,
which in other habitat will be contemplated,
…in all the houses by love inhabited.

  • Artista | Artist


  • Técnicas | Techniques

    • Mixed Media on Canvas
    • 109 x 109 cm
    • 2018
White Shark Investments Flight-in-the-Butterfly-of-your-cliff-collection-Nr-IX-by-Sonia-Domingues-Awarded-with-Mixed-Media-Artist-of-the-Year-2018-ArtTour-International-White-Shark-Investments Voo na Borboleta da tua Falésia IX