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Work II - Farrobodó & À Grande e à Francesa


História Artística:

Two popular sayings born in the Palace.
On 11 December, the future 2nd Baron of Quintela, also named Joaquim Pedro de Quintela, 1st Count of Farrobo, was born in the Palace of Alecrim Street. A figure that despite the relevance in the political, social and cultural life of Portugal, would forever be remembered for its facet of excessive excesses and feasts. General Junot (1771-1813) established the headquarters as well as his official residence at the Quintela Palace. For nine months, as many as the first French invasion lasted, General Junot (1771-1813) established his headquarters. But Junot, indifferent to the situations of poverty and misery provoked by the invaders in Lisbon, settled in Quintela Palace on Rua do Alecrim, with disdainful ostentation. Junot thus gives rise to the expression “à grande à Francesa”.

In Symbol of events, the Butler, our mute Storyteller, serves what would already preach an Inebriant Port Wine (pre-phylloxera Taylor’s) that provides joy in their Hearts and dance-like feet for the Dance …

  • Artista | Artist

    Master Sónia Domingues

  • Técnicas | Techniques

    • 160 X 109 CM
    • 2017

TOP 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2017


International Prize Dante Alighieri