Artistic Story:

The same Woman who in her Sensitivity & Strength conceives a Son, runs after her Winged Dreams that make her Fly…

The same as Daughter, can be Wife, Daughter in law, Mother, Educator, Protector, Girlfriend and Counselor…

The same one that conciliates her Profession with Mastery can still Surprise in Less Exceptable Sports Modes…

And so that none of hers Con-substances claims her Absence as it orbits herself, Dribbles the ball of responsibilities, Kicks the adversities… and Guard in Herself… the Affection of Mother!!

  • Artista | Artist


  • Técnicas | Techniques

    • Diameter - 100 cm
    • Depth - 5.6 cm
    • Plane Circular Work
    • Optical Illusion of Spherical Effect
    • Suspended Effect
    • 2017



International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist 2018