White Shark Investments Treasure-Map-collection-awarded-living-eye-of-life-nr-VI--Master-Sonia-Domingues-White-Shark-Investments Nr. VI - Treasure Map - Perhaps the Greatest Treasure to find - The True Love. Have You Already found Yours?

Artistic Story:

As Old as Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, so love is in Humanity!

Could you Possess 10 Mysterious Lost Treasures or any of the 6 Ancient Treasures found, could they be compared to the Privilege of Living a Great
Love? Love – Perhaps the Greatest Treasure to Find.

Have You found yours yet?

  • Artista | Artist

    Master Sónia Domingues

  • Técnicas | Techniques

    • Diameter - 100 cm
    • Depth - 5.6 cm
    • Suspended Effect
    • 2017


Warriors of Riace 2017