White Shark Investments Monica-Bellucci-Cleopatra Monica Bellucci, Cleopatra

Genesis of the Artwork

Monica Bellucci – Italian Actress connection to perform Cleopatra.

1- Cleopatra – intelligent and strategist woman in her accomplishments.

I present my own vision of her Queen status, sometimes the Queens without even knowing, imprison themselves in their own sovereign state, freeing up like ‘beach parrots’ on behalf of the causes they believe in, hence the geometric effects on his face as sweet.

2 – In her Immovable/Sculptured vision, being a kind of person, as often said, blind, deaf and mute, thence points can be found in her mouth, nose and ear and the face extremities were painted in iron oxide and the other surfaces were painted to look like Concrete of Egypt’s Pyramids, in its various chromatic derivations… depending on the light they receive.

Symbolic Interpretation for our days

All Women, today, depending on their lives and enhancement as a human being, can already be or become sweet, but instead, if their up to become bitter, they’ll look more like made of Iron Oxide and Concrete from Egypt’s Pyramids.

  • Artista | Artist

    Master Sónia Domingues

  • Técnicas | Techniques

    • 100 X 100 CM
    • 2016


International Award Casanova Arts Lover 2016