It was a privilege and honour for us to have the opportunity not only to participate, but also to give all the support and scenic framing to the exceptional presentation of the collection by Master Sónia Domingues herself. Inside the most unusual and improbable of places – at the epicentre of the Casino, with all its contrasting emotions, sometimes tearful, on the edge of the skin – we witnessed an event of rare subliminal beauty, synchronised to the detail of each movement and gesture in its own moment, so that each work could fill the space and the multiple looks of each one of the presents.  There are moments that are not forgotten… A big thank you for all, those in particular…

Dr. Jorge Calado [General Manager – Tróia Casino]

A dream rain of dazzlement with Master Sonia Domingues and her exhibition “Living Eye of Life” on the Estrathosphera stage at the Casino de Tróia. Because the Universe demultivates into looks that mean more than the very primordial essence of matter…Eight stories that represent eight incursions into the universe of dreams envisioned by Master Sónia Domingues in the exhibition “Living Eye of Life” that has been open to the public since yesterday at the Casino de Tróia. A paraphernalia of glances that cross the certainties of life with the dreamlike wanderings of dazzling… eight glances not to be missed! Come and visit!

Dr. João Aníbal Henriques – [Professor,  Archaeologist, Dir. J.S.M.C. & RP Troia Casino]