Nr. III “Coffee time? Any Minute… an Universe of Sensations”

"Coffee time? Any Universe of Sensations "

Nr. III - Conceptual Art - "An Conceptual Clock, with Coffee scent Forever.."


An Inspiring Theme for the effect it has on all Coffee Lovers.
For me, an Aroma that is a Perfume which extends to Flavor, without having to take it effectively.
A Tender to All Those Who Feel the Coffee as Fuel for Life.
Thus, this Work presents a Mix from a Coffee Cup without a wing (top view), the demarcation of hours and minutes in a Conceptual Clock. For Coffee Lovers, any time, any minute, can be an excellent time for a power boost, therefore the conceptual clock, which at 6 am marks, perhaps, the first coffee of several throughout the day, with two (Design) spoons of the longest of the market, which embrace a tiny and typical cube of sugar, crystallized ” and which together will provide a Universe of Sensations, resulting in the Foam out coming from a pointillism effect and the coffee beans, after fulfilling their role, they orbit to the extremity.


Diameter – 100 cm | Depth – 5.6 cm