Visual Artist, Designer and Glass Painter

Awarded and featuring the TOP 15 in ATIM’S TOP 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2016 and TOP 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2017,  Sonny’s work has been elected and awarded by several international entities and organizations, prompting an awakening, whether from the point of view of an informed collector or an attentive investor in perpetuating a Master in the wonderful world of Art, counting 47 International Art Awards.


Palácio Chiado, Flight in The Butterfly off Your Cliff, Horses, Personalities, Living Eye of Life, Paparazzo's

Developing creations inspired in thematic languages, Sonny represents the level of excellence for which her work is recognized, in these wonderful collections.


Palácio Chiado Collection


A symbol of entrepreneurship and unique talent, Master Sónia Domingues was invited by Palácio Chiado to recreate the history of such an iconic building, the cradle of Portuguese popular expressions Farrobodó and À grande e à Francesa. The collection, unpublished and of great wealth and cultural interest, had as its basic nucleus the facts and historical accounts supported by varied documentation, among which the author Manuel J. Gandra – Quintela Palace, Iconography of the Pictorial program.

Composed of five works, the Collection already has five International Awards – ATIM’S Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2017, Francisco Goya International Award, Cristoforo Colombo Award,  International Prize Dante Alighieri and Mixed Media Artist of the Year 2018.

In each work, a mixed technique on canvas measuring 160×109 cm, a mute narrator in Butler’s skin, tells the story of a time period, beginning with The Tragedies – Fire of 1726 and the earthquake of 1755, culminating nowadays in an Extravagant Escape to banal.