The Butler becomes protagonist


In 1970 – A part of Quintela Palace is leased to IADE – Institute of Art, Decoration and Design. From now on will be eminent protagonists and actors in the panorama of the Plastic Arts.

In 2010 – IADE adopts the Designation “Creative University” where it inaugurates Exhibitions promoted by Experimenta Design.

Artistic History

The Butler becomes a Protagonist …
What would a Butler look like from an Architect’s point of view? No, of an Artist. Or a Marketing and Advertising Designer? And a Fashion Designer?
Here, the Butler serves us Champagne from the point of view of all of them, with all lines in overlap …
What about Flute? If the Architect prefers, a Longluine Flute, perhaps the Designer prefers Curvilinear … so what?
All Bubbly flows in silhouette form …
All this, where? I do not

Can you find the logo …?
Never before had there been a Nefilim Butler …

160 x 109 CM

Mixed Technique on Canvas