Established in 1910, White Shark Investments, supported by its strong partners, has the mission of trading paintings, sculptures, antiques, gemstones and jewellery, promoting the trade of artwork and establishing a direct connection between the market and the investors.

White Shark Investments also provides with consulting services regarding restoration of antiques and sacred art, guaranteeing its preservation and promoting the work of artisans in an effort to keep the historical heritage of all pieces.With our knowledge and a strong financial background, we aim to add value to our investors’ assets in a short, medium and long terms, having always as a priority the protection of the capital invested.



Aware of this reality, the White Shark Investments created a set of services that allows continuous monitoring of the market, providing customers with high quality and maximum customization.

White Shark Investments


We aim to grow as an idependent group, being faithfull to our core values: privacy, innovation, dedication, transparency, professionalism and excellence.


Safety and Quality

White Shark Investments


Social Awareness

White Shark Investments has a community welfare awareness culture.
We assume a social commintment, expecting no financial return, to support and develop a number of activities that will promote culture, education and will contribute to the well being of social disadvantaged communities.